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Cultural Exchange; Health and Wellness; International Communication & Friendship

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Celebrating art, culture & promoting cultural exchange

Engaging in health and wellness education & practice

Fostering education, international friendship & exchange

Advising visitors to China & helping to bridge the culture gap

Our Mission Statement

Our global mission is to promote health and wellness, facilitate communication, develop international friendships, and provide a social platform within China and abroad, for the exchange of cultural learning, primarily in the health and wellness fields.

DDA organises an array of cultural, health, social and educational events; working with learning institutions, government and consular bodies, local communities and individual groups, promoting intercultural exchange and friendship between China and the global community.

Double Dragon Alliance (DDA) is an education and cultural exchange centre based in Shanghai, specializing in Chinese culture and its ancient health systems.

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Rose Oliver MBE


One of only 50 international experts selected to represent expats working in China at the ‘2014 Foreign Experts Symposium’ in Shanghai, and presented personally to Chinese President Xi Jin Ping; Rose has been at the forefront of cultural exchange, health and wellness, and education in Shanghai for over twenty years.

  • Awarded ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’ (MBE) by Her Majesty the Queen in 2010;
  • Awarded Shanghai Government’s Magnolia Silver Award in 2013;
  • Awarded the title ‘Emissary of Chinese Martial Arts’ by Shanghai Media Group (SMG) in 2017;
  • Selected as ‘One of the Most Influential Foreign Experts in China’, as part of the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform & Opening Policy, in 2018;
  • Awarded the prestigious Shanghai Government’s Magnolia Gold Award in 2019.


"You have such a great presence with the groups - grounded, clear and yet with lightness as well. Thank you!"

– Caoline Steerman | London Business School

"Thank you for one of the best times I've had in my life. The people I've meet, the places I've seen, it has been wonderful."

– Jon | DDA camp participant

"The vivid translation by Rose made the foreign friends understand what Doctor Li said more clearly and easily."

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DDA August 2022 Newsletter – 双龙会2022年8月新闻

DDA August 2022 Newsletter – 双龙会2022年8月新闻

Thank you to everyone who supported and donated to our team’s fundraising goal for the “21st Annual PAWS Chicago 5K Walk/Run For Their Lives” charity event on 10 September, we have now surpassed our goal!!! Thanks, and appreciation to everybody that donated, shared our posts and gave encouragement!

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