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Master Xue comes from a long line of traditional martial arts masters and his lineage stems directly from Master Lu Song Gao.
He has been studying gongfu for almost 50 years, and started learning Xin-Yi Quan, Cha Quan and Qi Shi Quan (which are traditional forms of external martial arts from the Hui Nation) from the age of seven, from his grandfather Wang Shou Xian, who was an indoor student of Master Lu Song Gao.
After his grandfather passed on, Master Xue went on to study with his current teacher, Master Li Jun Si, who was his grandfather's "shidi" (younger gongfu brother) and himself a student of Lu Song Gao and who is now in his 90's.
Master Xue is also a master of "Yin" or "Hard" Qigong, and is the appointed Chairman of the Hard Qigong Institute. He has traveled extensively around China as well as in Japan and Singapore, demonstrating his skills at many large official exhibitions.
Master Xue has also had a very colourful career, working in films, often using his gongfu skills to great effect, as well as performing as stuntman in many movies.
He is a certified Tuina and Acupuncture Chinese doctor, and worked in Shanghai's famous Shu Guang Hospital, a Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital, for many years, using Qigong and Tuina to treat patients.
His emphasis in practicing martial arts is to improve the health and well-being and to be able to defend oneself.
Master Xue is a very knowledgeable, diligent and earnest teacher, who sincerely wants students to learn the real essence of his art. His main aim is to teach students how to gain good health and to be able to defend themselves with confidence.
He is also a very kind and cultured man, with a vast range of experience in martial arts gained over many years of research and practice.
Master Xue's 10 Animal Xin-Yi (Heart and Mind boxing) is characterized by explosive "Fa Jing" and dynamic whole body power, as well as distinct Yin and Yang, Gang/Rou (hard and soft) differentiation.


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