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Friday, 17 October 2008 10:00


Master Dong Bin is a student of Masters Dong Shi Zuo and Ye Huan Zi, both of whom were long term students of Dong Ying Jie.


Master Dong Bin, who is now in his 80's, is part of that older generation of masters that have seen and experienced not only a life that is completely outside what the modern generation can understand, but has witnessed and studied a level of martial arts that we can barely imagine.


Pushing hands with Master Dong, one feels that one touches 'nothing', his body has no tension and it is a fluid entity that dissipates one's own force and turns one into a solid, hesitant, spent mass which has no root and which he easily brushes aside. He has truly mastered the concept of "Using four ounces to overcome a thousand pounds".


His ethos, is that one should not pursue riches and fame, but endeavour to be happy and share one's knowledge and wisdom with others.


He is a living example of this, refusing to accept money or gifts, whilst giving so generously of himself and his art. He has made me feel a part of the family, for which I am truly grateful.


He is also a very modest and wonderful person, who dismisses his own skills, both in his Taiji form, (which is a joy to watch) and in his push hands and san shou.


One feels privileged and delighted to just be with him.



Master Ren Gang, who is a long term student of Master Dong Bin, is also a great push hands expert.


Recently featured in the UK'S Qi magazine, his push hands and form closely follow the principles laid down in the classics, of the weak overcoming the strong, and using the energy and the spirit to guide the movements, not physical force.


His speciality, like Master Dong's, is "Hua Jing" or the ability to digest or dissipate an opponent's force, turning their "Yang" into "Yin", thus negating their power, and then releasing his own energy and power. ("Fa Jing").


His explanation and understanding of the classic Taiji texts are extremely clear, and he is able to not only explain their meaning but demonstrate them as well. His ability is far beyond his years, and how one imagines "real" Taiji should be played.


He is a very patient and generous teacher, and always endeavours to ensure that the students truly understand and appreciate the real essence of Taiji and Internal Arts.


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