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Master Liu Ji Fa is the recognized fifth generation lineage holder of Wu Family Taiji, from the founder of the Wu Style, Wu Jian Quan, via Wu Ying Hua, Ma Yue Liang and Pei Zu Yin.
Master Liu Ji Fa began his studies in 1939 at the age of 27, with Master Pei Zu Yin, fourth generation lineage holder of the Wu Family style. A student of Master Pei’s for over 40 years, he was introduced to Masters Ma Yue Liang and Wu Ying Hua by his teacher in 1980.
Following Master Pei’s passing in 1985, he continued his studies in Wu style with Master Ma and Madam Wu Ying Hua.


Master Liu’s speciality is the traditional Taiji form, which follows closely the teachings of Master Ma and Master Pei, and his soft, agile, lively and relaxed push hands skills.
He stresses the basic principles of Wu style in his listening hands practice as being the most important for a practitioner to understand, and without which, one cannot fully comprehend the remaining theories of Taiji. That is, “Hou fa ze ren, rou hua wei zhu”, “If the opponent doesn’t move, I don’t move, but if he moves, my intention and energy must move before him”.
Pushing hands with Master Liu, one feels that his hands are both soft and light and stick to you without any feeling of tension or resistance, and he controls your entire body, spirit and energy effortlessly.


One is bounced around like a basketball and thrown down without the least effort or physical force, all with a smile and a laugh, reminiscent of pushing hands with the late Master Wang Hao Da, also a student of Master Ma Yue Liang’s.
Master Liu completely dissipates your energy into the space around him, and controls your movements completely. One feels that there is nowhere for you to attack, whilst he is at leisure to “attack” you.


His push hands is entirely related to his Taiji, and all applications are to be found within his form.


His Dantian movements are powerful and relaxed and his internal body is alive, flexible and completely under his control. He can discharge his energy at any time or direction and gives one the sensation of being a rag doll in his hands!


He is a pleasure to be with and stresses that one should be happy every day; practice is for health and happiness.


Playing with him was just like being a child with one’s favourite uncle. A privilege and a pleasure.

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