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Friday, 17 October 2008 10:10


Master Wang, who’s now in his mid-fifties, began his martial arts training at the age of 14, learning “Pu Dong Xiao Dao Hui”.
This is a very traditional style dating back to the Qing Dynasty.
The “Xiao Dao Hui” was an organization that fought to usurp the then “Qing” dynasty emperor.They customarily employed a spear, topped with a long blade, which differed in length for males and females.
At the age of 19, Master Wang began studying Hsing-Yi Quan from Master Deng Fu Xing, who
remains his teacher to this day. One of Master Deng’s teachers was Jiang Rong Jiao, also
based in Shanghai.
Master Wang is a very traditional teacher, and follows the principles and teaching methods
handed down by his teachers and their teachers before them.
He is a very honest and kind man, whose aim in teaching Hsing-Yi is to preserve the richness
and integrity of the art and to promote health and well-being amongst his students, as well
as a sense of honour and respect for traditional Wushu.
He also specializes in Hsing-Yi weapons forms and teaches several of the rarer weapons forms to his students who regularly participate in traditional wushu competitions and demonstrations.


He has been awarded the certificate of “International Outstanding Contributor to Chinese
Wushu” by the American Asian Federation and International Martial Arts Federation, for his
diligence and commitment to preserving the traditional customs and teachings of martial arts.
We first met him in 2000, when my husband Rey was practicing in the local park and Master
Wang came to talk to him.
Sifu Wang invited Rey to come and study Hsing-Yi, and commenced to teach him the form and basics.
He is a very clear and generous teacher and my husband thoroughly enjoyed training with
Master Wang and his ShiXiong (brothers), all of whom welcomed him into their group.Since Rey’s passing, Master Wang and all of his family have welcomed me into their home and
treated me just as a little sister.


They have been and continue to be some of the dearest friends I have here in Shanghai, and
people to whom I am eternally grateful for all their kindness and concern.
They are truly genuine friends, and a real treasure.

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