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Regular Ongoing Classes
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Monday, 29 December 2008 11:27
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Cultural Events and Workshop Programme?

Stone Carving and Engraving:

Classes in carving and engraving, one of China’s most ancient art forms.

Learn how to engrave your Chinese name onto your own personalized stamp.


Learn Chinese handwriting, as well as the inside meaning, history and origin of the Chinese language from Ms Wang Xiu Hua of the Shanghai Mei Shu Jai Xie Hui (Shanghai’s Fine Arts Institute).

Brushes and materials will be provided.

Traditional Chinese Painting?

Learn the skills of painting traditional Chinese animals, birds, flowers, mountain and water scenes and bamboo forests.?

Brushes and materials will be provided.

Traditional Chinese Music:

Learn about the history of and the methods of playing the various forms of Chinese instruments.

Peking Opera:

Ms. Cao Hui, frequent performer at the Yi Fu Wu Theatre near People’s Square, will introduce the history

of Peking and Kunqu Opera, the characters and meanings behind the movements and gestures of the various styles and types.

Ms. Cao Hui recently cooperated with Double Dragon Alliance at their Cultural Exhibition in 2011.

Traditional Chinese Crafts (including Paper Cutting and Sculpture):?

Learn the traditional skills of paper cutting and design.

Clay Sculpture:

Learn the skills of Chinese clay pottery and sculpture.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts:

Courses are available in a wide variety of traditional Chinese martial arts, ranging from Taiji Quan to Hsing-yi Quan (heart and mind boxing) to Ba Gua Zhang (8 Trigram boxing) and Tong Bei Quan among others.

Study with some of the highest level teachers and martial artists that Shanghai has to offer.

Traditional Chinese Health Systems:

Ranging from Qigong to Taiji Quan and Chinese Yoga; Chinese traditional exercise systems for health and longevity can assist everyone, no matter what age or state of physical fitness, to improve their health, maintain good levels of fitness and achieve peace of mind and relaxation. Especially important in this day and age, with our fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, these ancient forms of exercise will calm the mind, improve the body and give you a new lease of life!

Train with top teachers in the Taiji and Qigong field, with expert instruction and translation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Tuina:

Doctor Li Yong of the “Conjoint Health and Advisory Centre”, a regular partner with Double Dragon Alliance at their seminars with the British Consulate’s Cultural and Education Section, as well as through their own privately run internship course; will provide introductions to the methodology and history behind TCM, as well as teach participants his system of massage to detoxify and stimulate the body’s meridian system and promote healing, balance and good health.

Dr. Li’s patients include many of the staff of the British Council, after several took part in a Double Dragon Alliance TCM seminar and got to try out his Tuina techniques for themselves!

Feng Shui:

An introduction to the ancient philosophy of balance and harmony within your environment. Learn about the origins of the art of Feng Shui and how it can affect your life, as well as how to re-balance and harmonize your home and work environment to facilitate a calm and healthy lifestyle, and improve business!

Daoism, Buddhism and other Chinese philosophies:

With lectures and introductions into the diverse and fascinating philosophies that underpin Chinese culture.

Course Structures:

We offer a variety of learning courses, ranging from weekly classes over 10 week duration; seminars and workshops, designed to be “hands-on” interactive learning experiences, plus lectures for a larger audience.

Our fees vary according to the type, length and duration of the course, the location, and particular client requirements; and prices range from around 350 - 500rmb for a weekly class, to up to 5000rmb for large lectures.

Please contact our administrative office by email for further details or contact Rose Oliver on the telephone number below.

Our previous clients include The British Consulate’s Cultural and Education Section, various schools and institutions as well as private individuals; and it is our continuous aim to offer great service, top-class instruction, value for money and a rewarding learning experience for all participants.?

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If you would like DDA to organize a cultural event for you, please contact Rose for more information.

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