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Monday, 29 December 2008 11:27
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DDA Calligraphy Course Information

Course Duration:

Generally all courses, including beginners, intermediate and advanced, last for 10 weeks, meeting once a week, with each class 2 hours in duration.?

Class times will be scheduled to suit individual client availability and are by appointment.

We also arrange supplementary courses for those wishing to review material taught in the course or who simply wish to continue their studies on a weekly basis.

We can also organize shorter courses and small group talks.

All materials for the courses, including brushes and paper are provided by DDA.


Fees: Each 10-week course consists of once weekly 2 hour sessions. Fees are 200rmb per hour, or 3750rmb for students paying in full for the entire 10-week course.



In the beginners’ course, students will learn the basics of holding and controlling the brush, basic brush strokes, building up to writing basic and commonly used characters and short phrases. Students will be taught to use specially designed “squared calligraphy” paper to aid in judging the correct dimensions of characters.?



Aimed to build on the beginners’ course, students will be taken through more complex characters and sentences, plus start to practise writing on blank paper, without the use of the framed squares. Students may also be introduced to other styles of calligraphy.



Students will learn other styles of calligraphy, including more ancient freestyle forms and running styles, plus learn to use finer brushes and paper and learn how to control the amount of water and ink to prevent “blotting” on finer rice paper.


Venue: By appointment.


If you require any further information, please contact Rose Oliver for details.?



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