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Teacher – Student Transmission
Written by Rose   
Saturday, 12 August 2017 23:33
I feel the transmission and learning process between teacher and student is one of the most important relationships in martial arts. As a family wishes to ensure that younger generations reap the benefits of the elders' wisdom and experience in order to live better lives, so the martial arts family (should) follow a similar principle.
My own teacher, Master Dong Bin, treated me more like a daughter than a student and showed real concern and care for not just my Taiji understanding and learning journey, but also my general life and future; thus I feel it is important that I also treat my students as my children, and seek to help them with their lives, health status, as well as their Taiji training.
I have been privileged to study with some amazing teachers and friends, and whilst the teacher/student relationship is not a strictly delineated black and white one, I believe there should be an unwritten rule of respect, love, trust, communication and desire for growth. I hope that I treat my students similarly, as it is the way I have been taught myself, but at the same time it is important that students (myself included) recognize the sacrifice and generosity that teachers have experienced and offer towards their students and behave in a mutually caring and responsible way towards those teachers. If all these variables are reached, than of course the learning aspect of Taiji will be met, and all will benefit and feel satisfied.

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