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Written by Rose   
Thursday, 05 April 2018 23:36
This year, Double Dragon Alliance’s US Taiji workshop tour was centered in Durham North Carolina, and was sponsored by the Magic Tortoise Taiji School.
The first workshop on 16th February was for the Durham Centre for Senior Life (DCSL), which is a donation-funded centre for seniors in the Durham area. The turnout was fantastic, with over 40 participants, many of them students of the Magic Tortoise Taiji School, and attendees of Gabrael St Clair’s Taiji classes at the centre. (Gabe is a senior student and teacher for Magic Tortoise)

The DCSL serves all retirees in the Durham community and holds diverse and meaningful activities for both ‘active’ and those less able-bodied, making it a fully inclusive centre.
Gabe has been teaching a Taiji and Qigong class there for several years, and co-organized the DDA morning workshop for the senior students and Magic Tortoise students.
The afternoon DDA workshop on 16th February was a small group session for some of Gabe’s own private students, who have been learning DDA’s Master Dong Bin 81-step Yang Style Taiji form and the Xing-Yi Three Harmonies Broadsword form Gabe first learned at DDA’s 2014 Shanghai Camp with Grandmaster Yan Cheng De.
There were a few newcomers to the forms at the session, but they quickly picked up the pace and caught up with the choreography. For the more advanced students, Rose worked on applications and understanding the deeper meaning behind the movements.

On Saturday 17 February, the Magic Tortoise Taiji School held its annual Chinese Spring Festival party. The event, which was co-sponsored by both Magic Tortoise and Black Bamboo Pavilion Taiji School, invites students from both schools, as well as other Taiji teachers and students in the local area to get together, share fun events and Taiji performances, plus celebrate the Chinese New Year in traditional style. With a delicious array of potluck dishes for lunch and refreshments donated by participants, a raffle for some fantastic door prizes (DDA donated some hand drawn ‘lucky Fu door signs’ made by DDA children’s’ Taizu Quan class student Jerry, who’s 11) the party featured fun, laughter and great camaraderie.
Thanks to Dr. Jay Dunbar and Kathleen Cusick, the founders of Magic Tortoise for inviting Rose to take part; it was a pleasure to share the beginning of the Dog Year with such a warm and friendly audience!
Great fun, Taiji demos and lots of friendship and good cheer; a really fun event organized by Kathleen and Dr Jay for all their students, friends and guests!

Sunday 18 February saw our last DDA workshop, again co-sponsored by Magic Tortoise. The all-day seminar focused on Qigong, body-opening exercises, Master Dong Bin foundation exercises, push hands and internal theory.
The 25-plus participants also included old DDA friend Bubba Powell, who kindly hosted Rose again; plus dear friend and wonderful Bluegrass singer Jim Lauderdale, who made time out of his busy performance and recording schedule to join us for the day. Rose was honoured that Jim flew in especially to attend the workshop and private classes with her; DDA are very grateful for Jim’s continued and generous support!

This year was another wonderful workshop tour; thanks to all the participants and students for their enthusiastic and earnest support, it was a pleasure to work with everyone and meet such a friendly and diverse group of Taiji enthusiasts.

Thanks to everyone for attending the sessions and for all the wholehearted support! Plus, special thanks to Dr Jay Dunbar and Gabrael St Clair for organizing and sponsoring everything; and to Bubba Powell and his father Robbie Powell for their generous hospitality once again!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the summer!

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