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Friday, 10 May 2019 18:16




Check out DDA’s 2018 UK Summer Workshop ‘5-Animal Qigong, other exercises and more, by joining us on our DDA YouTube channel: Roseinchina, to beat those ‘self-isolation blues’ during coronavirus lockdown!




Check out the links below for DDA’s 2018 UK summer workshop featuring instruction on the 5-Animal Qigong set & other exercises in Honor Oak Park, Lewisham, London!https://youtu.be/EF2wiZrjVp0




Designed to improve overall health and energy levels the 5-Animal Qigong set is fun, easy to do and really offers a great workout too.

This is a great set optimizing energy levels, plus boosting overall circulation throughout the body. The video also includes other joint mobility exercises that can either compliment the set or be used for stand-alone training purposes.




Special thanks to Danny Fajardo, Pete Polanyk, and Alan McLean from the ‘Honor Oak T’ai-chi’ Facebook group who attended and helped organize our DDA Taiji summer workshop in London! Hope to be back there again once life gets back to normal!




Check out the Honor Oak T’ai-chi Facebook page for more information about when they meet for practice!


Join DDA for regular exercise and health tips like the Tendon Stretching and Joint Opening Set among others, on our YouTube channel Roseinchina, to boost immune systems, maintain good health, increase mobility and develop a positive mindset!


5-Animal Qigong & UK Workshop: https://youtu.be/EF2wiZrjVp0


Tendon Stretching Exercise Training:

Introduction to DDA's 'Tendon Stretching & Joint Opening' exercise, demo 1: foot placement for the upper body set.



Demo 2: introduction to the hand postures for the upper body set.



Demo 3: Introduction and explanation of the upper body set.



Demo 4: Introduction to the postures of the lower body set.



Demo 5: Introduction and explanation of the lower body set.



Demo 6: Follow along demo of the complete set.



Thanks for joining us and see you next time for more DDA health and exercise training tips! ?https://youtu.be/x4BmLr0-VFw


Keep safe & well, Rose https://youtu.be/7UQEaw6I6TI

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