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In his youth Master Wang Ming Bo practiced Chinese wrestling and boxing and was also a keen sports fan, but he began training in Taiji Quan in 1993, following an industrial accident, when both his ankles were broken and he was left bedridden; the prognosis being that he would probably not walk again.

??? However, ever determined, around a year after his accident, he began to walk on crutches up to his local park, to get some fresh air and get out of the house.

There he met Wu Style Taiji Master Wang Hao Da, who was in his late 60’s, and watched him perform the Wu Style Taiji form.

Master Wang Ming Bo, keen to improve his health and get back to full fitness, became his student, first learning some basic foundation exercises and qigong, then later the Taiji form; once he had properly recovered his mobility, he went on to study push hands and sparring.

Over the years, he has also studied Chen Style and Yang Style Taiji with Master Tao Cheng Qiang.

Since the passing of his teacher, Master Wang Hao Da in 2002, Master Wang has focused exclusively on Yang Style Taiji with Grandmaster Dong Bin and his disciple Master Ren Gang, beginning his studies with them in 2003.

Master Wang is a generous and patient teacher, with lots of teaching experience of both western and Chinese students.

He is a regular instructor for Double Dragon Alliance’s martial arts training camps, held annually in Shanghai, as well as having taught in the UK for DDA’s annual Taiji training sabbaticals, where students have thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic, friendly and interactive approach; whereby he makes sure that every student has a clear idea of what each of the Taiji movements really means and letting them “feel” for themselves what they are doing within the form.

His warm and friendly nature, plus his extensive knowledge of Taiji, Tuina, Chinese Medicine and other related arts, in addition to his experience make him a talented and very generous teacher, ensuring that everyone can obtain the most from their practice and gain a deeper understanding of Taiji and other related Chinese arts and philosophies.??


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