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Thursday, 20 August 2009 14:34


Chief features according to Master Ma:

“Hun Yuan integration, silk and opposite force;

Mind lead body, strong and supple;

Catch, beat, throw and lock, listen the force and change;

The instinct for health and combat.”


?Master Ma Bao Guo was born into a martial arts family in 1952, in his hometown of Lin Yi City, Shan Dong Province.

Master Ma followed his father, beginning his Gongfu study at age 7 and has been taught by many famous masters. He is a lineage holder in Hebei Xing-yi, via Master Shang Ji of Xi’an, (a combat Master); Wudang/Ermei arts via Guo Sheng Hai; and Chen Style Taiji & Chen Shi Hun Yuan Taiji via Master Wang Chang Hai of Zheng Zhou (who studied under Grandmaster Chen Zhao Kui & Feng Zhi Qiang).

Master Ma taught in the UK from Feb. of 2002 to Jan. of 2007 and developed over 30 high level in-door students, through performance, sparring, including challenging and sparring with many high level martial arts coaches. He established the British Hun Yuan Taiji Association www.hunyuantaiji.co.uk, which has over 1000 international students.? Master Ma was called the “Gongfu King” and the “Contemporary Bruce Lee” by the local media and was also named as “Chinese Culture Ambassador” by the Sino Anglo Culture Exchange Association. (http://blog.sina.com.cn/hunyuantaijishanghai)

For more information about Master Ma, or to study with him, please contact us at Double Dragon Alliance to help arrange a meeting, or check out Master Ma’s website.?

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