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Doctor Li Yong graduated from Shanghai's Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1998, following which; he studied privately in Dr Chen’s Shanghai clinic, training in Tuina and TCM for a further 4 years.
He later studied Acupuncture for a further 2 years in Dr Cai’s Shanghai clinic.

In 2004, Doctor Li opened his own clinic, "Conjoint Health Advisory Service" in Shanghai and is currently planning to open a second TCM clinic in Shanghai’s Pudong New area, the new business area situated across the Huang Pu River, which is to host the Expo in 2010.



Doctor Li has cooperated with Double Dragon Alliance on several occasions, conducting lectures for the British Embassy's Cultural and Education Centre in Shanghai, introducing TCM and Tuina massage techniques to visiting UK guests invited by the British Council’s School Links Programme; impressing everyone with his professionalism, knowledge, patience, humour and skill.

Plus his results in treating patients in his own clinic are a testament to the efficacy and success of his treatment plan and personal Tuina massage system.


Double Dragon Alliance and Doctor Li Yong of Shanghai’s Conjoint Health Advisory Service, set up the joint internship programme in 2006. The concept behind the programme, being to give Western and Chinese students of TCM an opportunity to train in Doctor Li’s pioneering method of internal medicine; allowing both existing health practitioners as well as new students interested in TCM, the chance to study intensively with one of Shanghai’s top TCM doctors and gain new qualifications for their own personal development.?

I’m sure that those participating in the programme under Doctor Li’s tuition, or those who receive treatment from him, will be extremely satisfied and delighted with the result.

To participate in the internship scheme, please contact Rose Oliver for further details.



------------? Recent comments from Ms Julie Netti, one of the first students for Double Dragon Alliance and Dr Li Yong's Conjoint Health Advisory Service Joint Internship Programme:


Hello Rose and Dr. Li
Rose please translate this for me for Dr. Li and everyone at the clinic!!!
Happy New Year!!
It has been a while since we have been in contact.
Hope is all going well and that you had lovely holidays.
I have been back in America for the last 6 months and living in New Hampshire, USA doing some house sitting and just getting settled.
As of December we have moved into Exeter, NH.
I am working in a clinic in Manchester, NH, called
Chi NeuroHealth Center www.chiwellness.com
A wellness center offering Chinese Medicine and Tuina specializing in Neurological conditions for children and adults.? It is fairly new and we work with other more severe conditions MS, cancer, chronic pain, etc. I am enjoying the work!
I use the technique that I learned from Dr.Li and am having wonderful results, especially with MS. The neurologist, one of the founders, has MS and really is promoting Tuina.
I thought Dr. Li, you would like to know that your work is international and is having positive results here in America. I think of everyone there often especially when I do the tapping on the Gall Bladder meridian.
I think about coming back, hoping I could work with everyone again!!!

I would like to stay in contact with you.
I look forward to your reply.
Warm regards,
Julieanne Netti M.S.,LMT
Windtalk Global Networking
USA, The Netherlands, Africa, China


? -----------?? Some notes about the Tuina course with Dr. Li:


The tuina course was held at Dr. Li’s clinic under his supervision and the guidance of some of his doctors.
The curriculum covered the system of meridians and their major points, the different massage techniques, introduction to pulse and tongue diagnostic as well as moxibustion.
?I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Li took time every day to teach me on a one to one basis, covering both theory and practice.? The rest of the day I practiced that day’s assignment with some of the doctors who were available or was given a tuina treatment so I could familiarize myself with the various techniques. Being able to practice on different people and being “treated” by different doctors was a great help as I could compare techniques - and styles - and learn more in depth. I was also given the possibility of asking friends to come to the clinic, so I would have more opportunities to practice.
Occasionally, due to the large number of patients coming to the clinic on certain days, when all the doctors were busy and there was no treatment table available specifically for me to use; I could then observe the doctors carrying out treatments, or Dr. Li would ask me to be present when he was treating a particular patient so he could explain the case and his diagnostic technique for that particular patient.
I took that opportunity to ask many questions. I also used that time to study the textbook and the charts with the help of the translator.
The ambiance at the clinic was most convivial and relaxed which made me feel very welcome and free to ask many questions. The Chinese students who translated for me were very helpful and diligent, trying their best to explain even some of the more specific medical vocabulary.
Both Dr. Li and his assistants were very patient in their explanations, willing to answer any questions and I had no difficulty understanding or making myself understood.
I really enjoyed the course and the way it was held. I must say however that my previous studies of anatomy and western massage combined with my being familiar with Taiji Quan, Qigong and Chinese philosophy were definitely a plus and enabled me to get the most out of this “crash course”.? I wish I could have had more time to continue this study with Dr. Li and his staff.
Thank you so much Rose for organizing this course “specially tailored” for my needs with such competent teachers, in a very friendly and professional environment.

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