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Written by Rose   
Thursday, 30 December 2010 13:33


Master Chen An Tian was born in 1973 in Jie Lin, in the north east of China.



Master Chen first started training in Mei Hua Praying Mantis Style Gongfu, followed by Shaolin Gongfu. His teacher at that time was well-renowned master Hou Chang Xin.




Later he went onto study Ba Gua from Grandmaster Wang Zhuang Fei’s third son, Master Wang Hou Zhi, becoming one of his indoor students.




In 2006?he began teaching Ba Gua in Shanghai and his purpose is to help disseminate and popularize the art of Ba Gua to a wider audience, so as to keep this fascinating,?but little practiced art alive.




In 2009 he took part in an in the Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition, winning a gold medal for his Ba Gua hand and weapons forms, and he is a regular performer at Double Dragon Alliance’s martial arts?Masters Exhibition.




He is a patient and generous teacher, with great foundations in Chinese?Wushu?and in the art of Ba Gua.?

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