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Ed Hayes老师和太极爱好者的来信
周二, 2011年 06月 21日 14:12
Dear Master Rose,

Thank you for letting me share and how nice of you to post on your website if you think they warrant the time and space
Here is the tip of the ice berg, hope you? enjoy.

Great article about the "Metamorphosis of Practice" in this month's June 2011 issue of Tai Chi Magazine, itcame at the time I was having the same problems more or less, with age.
Although I never really got into deep postures as I did not start Tai Chi tell I was around 59 or 60 in real earnest in 1994. I have found that I have lost some flexibility as I am in my 78th year, although my forms are internal and a lot more fluid. ? Anyway thanks for putting me on the path again.

As I was searching old Tai Chi Magazines looking for an Article I wrote a short half page on page 44 of volume 31 No 2, which was published in the same volume and number as another of yours back in 2007.
With Respect?

Ed Hayes
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