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61 DDA & London Business College Corporate Taiji Training Session Rose 1585
62 Shanghai Taiji Culture: Master Shou Guan Shun Inducts New Disciples Rose 1497
63 OHAA Hosts Outdoor Tai Chi / Qi Gong Sharing Event in Massachusetts Rose 1617
64 DDA New Taiji Classes Commenced 15 April Rose 1764
65 Coventry University Guests at the British Cultural Centre Rose 1535
66 DDA Field Trip to Wonderland Resort, Huzhou Rose 1534
67 BCC Lectures - Developing Professional Skills, Careers Advice & Cultural Exchange Rose 1266
68 DDA Taizu & Taiji Quan Class Featured on China Xinhua News Live Rose 1401
69 Shanghai Cultural News: New Betty Barr Book Published Rose 1355
70 DDA Taiji Students Graduate Rose 1392
71 双龙会儿童太祖拳课程时间信息 Rose 1415
72 DDA New Taiji Classes Commence 15 April Rose 1450
73 DDA Live on China Xinhua News: Facebook, Youtube & Twitter! Rose 1325
74 “DDA Sweden Taiji Retreat & Sightseeing Tour”, 4th August - 14th August 2017 Rose 1311
75 DDA Taiji Disciples' Weekly Classes Continue Rose 1543
76 Laozi Academy Dao De Jing Workshops in Shanghai Rose 1402
77 OHAA (Oriental Healing Arts Association) Classes Rose 1383
78 Grandmaster Dong Shi Zuo Images from the Yang Style Form Rose 1340
79 Ongoing DDA Children's Taizu Quan Classes Rose 1613
80 Double Dragon Alliance 2017 USA Taiji Workshop Tour Rose 1486
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Rose Oliver M.B.E.



c/o Suite HI, Studio 51, 6th Floor, 28 Tan Jia Du Rd, Putuo District, Shanghai, China, 200063

Welcome to our home page! Here you will find information about our organization and details about events being held here in China and around the world. Double Dragon Alliance has bases in Shanghai, China; Cambridge, London, Manchester, & Plymouth, in the UK; and Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Durham, Winston Salem & Chicago, in the USA.



If you would like DDA to organize a cultural event for you, please contact Rose for more information.

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