The Double Dragon Alliance was founded by Rose Oliver in 2005.

It is dedicated to the fostering of friendship and cross-cultural understanding and aims to form a bridge between the East and West. It strives to give western students and lovers of Chinese culture and Chinese martial arts (both internal and external) the chance to meet and study with some of the top level masters in China and learn more of the intricacies of this profound culture.

All too often, western students who come to China searching for the roots of Chinese Martial Arts are either unable to find high level teachers or worse still are misled, thus wasting valuable time and energy, not to mention money, in the pursuit of their art.
It can be very hard for western students to be able to tell who is who, especially with language and cultural barriers.
Having lived here for many years, Rose has met and studied with some of the leading teachers in Shanghai, and has a broad base of very highly skilled masters to whom she can introduce practitioners; many of whom she is honoured and lucky enough to call her friends.

Rose came to Shanghai from the UK in 2000, with her late husband Rey Nelson.
In Britain, they ran a Taiji school together (The Eastern Tai-Chi and Internal Arts Research Association), that Rey started in 1992, and which was dedicated to promoting health, happiness and love of Chinese Internal Arts.
They also ran the “Masters from China for Britain Programme”, which organized seminars around the UK, particularly in the East Anglian region and Cambridge, inviting high level Internal Arts Masters from across the world to come and teach and share their knowledge with students in Britain.



Some of their seminars introduced:

Master George Xu from San Francisco, who first came to the UK in 1996 and returned yearly until 2000, and who taught foundation body opening exercises, Qigong, Lan Shou and Push Hands.

Master Wei Lun Huang – a very highly skilled Yang Style master from Florida, in 1997.

Sifu Michael Phillips from Tucson Arizona, whose Qigong and body opening exercises were very well received.

Professor Wang Yan from Holland who taught Medical Qigong, in 1997 and 1998.

Master Dong Zhen Chen (grandson of the famous Master Dong Ying Jie) and his son Alex
Dong in 1999, who taught Push Hands.

Master Wang Hao Da from Shanghai, in years 1999 and 2000 who taught Qigong, body strengthening and opening exercises and Push Hands.

Master Yang Zhen Duo (son of Yang Cheng Fu) and his grandson Yang Jun in 1999, who taught Yang Family Tai Chi to a very large and appreciative group of participants.


?"My husband Rey and I, always seeked to improve our own practice, and with this in mind we came to Shanghai.

Rey sadly passed away in 2003, but he is still very fondly remembered by all who knew him and by his many students in the UK.
He was an inspiration to us all, and it's in his memory that I began the Double Dragon
Alliance. It was his dearest wish to learn more about traditional Chinese Culture and Martial Arts, and to share that knowledge, so everybody could benefit from this genuine Chinese treasure.

Whilst living here, I have met and studied with several of the highest level teachers in Shanghai, including:

Master Ye Xiao Long and his son Mr Ye Lian Hua, with whom I studied Lan Shou.

Master Qin Zhong Bao with whom I also studied Lan Shou.

Master Tang Jun Fang with whom I study Lan Shou, Qigong and Push Hands.

Master Wang Hao Da (who has since passed away) with whom I studied Wu style Tai Chi and Push Hands.

Master Jiang Zhong Bao with whom I studied Chen style Tai Chi.

Master Dong Bin with whom I study Yang style Tai Chi, Push Hands, San Shou and Tai Chi principles.

Mr. Ren Gang (student of Dong Bin) with whom I study Yang style Tai Chi, Push Hands, San Shou and Tai Chi principles.

Master Ji Ah Dong with whom I studied Yang style Tai Chi and Push Hands.

Dr Wang Zhi Qiang (student of Dong Bin) with whom I studied Yang style Tai Chi and Push Hands.

Master Wu Mao Gui with whom I study Tong Bei Quan and Push Hands.

And Master Yang Tian Gui, among others.

I have also met and practiced with many other wonderful martial artists and friends, who have truly taken me into their homes and welcomed me, not just as a fellow enthusiast but as a “little sister”."

The Alliance's aims are to:-

Introduce martial arts students to genuine high level masters, who can pass on real information, allowing students to enhance their understanding and raise their level.

To give westerners and Chinese alike an opportunity to experience and understand a wide diversity of traditional Chinese culture and crafts.

To provide a comfortable, friendly and enjoyable learning environment, that crosses all nationalities and backgrounds.

To introduce traditional Chinese health and exercise systems and medicine to improve people’s health and well-being.?

To promote long-lasting friendships and cross-cultural exchange.?


The Alliance, along with its sister company, ‘Yong He Tang Advice and Consultancy Agency’, aims to provide a "Cultural Exchange and Advisory Service", offering foreign enthusiasts and students of Chinese culture and martial arts, as well as businesses, advice on a variety of subjects; like finding teachers, schools or jobs; help with problems encountered whilst living or visiting China; introductions to legal or financial advice; help in finding, renting or buying an apartment; advice on health matters and recommendations to doctors or traditional Chinese medicine and Tuina (massage) clinics; as well as arranging introductions to some of the best martial arts teachers in Shanghai.


We hope to assist those coming to China in all aspects of their life here, and make the period of adjustment to a brand new culture, as easy, successful and enjoyable as possible.
So residents can enjoy a smooth transition to their new home, and not have to worry about the culture shock or usual problems associated with living in a new area.

There is a special energy here in Shanghai and the people have a spirit about them that is both unique and spellbinding.

We hope everyone can come and see for themselves the delights of Shanghai and its people, and to share in the wonders of Shanghai's cultural and martial arts' communities.

We can guarantee it will be an experience that you will never forget and one that you will long cherish.

So welcome to the home of Chinese Culture & Chinese Martial Arts!